Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's Been Going On In My Life Lately

Ok, So I posted before that things in my life are changing and I'm hoping it's for the better.

Last week was my final week of babysitting. I am both happy and sad about this change. I'm happy in that I'll finally be able to get my life back on track in terms of doing my own thing, cleaning when I want, etc. I'm sad because I will miss both Baby Girl and the money it brought in. But, now that I'll have my time back during Bugs nap, I'll be able to post on my blog more, be a part of my online baby boards that I have been sadly neglecting since well before Christmas, reconnect with online friends and I can get my cleaning schedule back on track.

I'm hoping that with the lack of babysitting, I can also get myself back on a decent eating habit. After I started babysitting, my eating habits went down the drain. I haven't been the best person to count on for eating breakfast, just ask my mom, yet I always make sure Bug has something to eat first thing in the morning, generally a bowl of cereal or a piece of fruit. While I was baby sitting, I'd have to shower and do most of my cleaning first thing (vacuuming, sweeping, general straightening, cleaning the cat and dog pans, etc) because it was all stuff that needed to be done before the day could begin. This left little time for me to sit down and have a healthy breakfast with Bug. I would normally put a cup of tea in the microwave and would either forget that it was in there long after the beep or be seen scarfing it down quickly right as Baby Girl arrived. I usually get hungry around 10am or so if I don't eat first thing and since I didn't want to eat in front of Baby Girl because she'd want what I was eating (I didn't want to share...lol), I just didn't eat. Also, I wasn't always the best at eating with the kids at lunch. I'd stay with them and supervise them, but at the same time I'd be finishing laundry or trying to check my email. I often wouldn't eat until well after Bug went down for his nap...usually around 2pm...I'm hoping that since I don't have to clean first thing anymore, I can sit down and enjoy a relaxed and hot meal with my son. And, I know I can sit down and eat lunch with him since there is no need to rush to get other things done fast before the quietness had to envelope my house.

The other thing I'm hoping for is for less stress. I am starting to think that watching Baby Girl was messing with my stress level and my health, as well as my diet. I started stressing over if I'd picked up all the little toys Bug was playing with and put them out of reach. Did I clean everything I needed too? Was Baby Girl going to be exceptionally whiny today? Was she going to give me attitude when I told her no? Was she going to eat? Was she going to finally drink her milk? Was she going to nap well? I fully believe that my parenting style and Baby Girls' parents parenting style were completely different. There are things that I just had to accept that never would have flown with Bug. Anyway, I'm not entirely convinced that my stress level has anything to do with, but I'm waiting to see if A) my stomach pains that I've been experiencing each month go away and B) I get pregnant. Darling Hubby and I have been sorta trying since last July, but it's been a no go. I'm sure fate has reasons for us not getting pregnant yet. I'll be sad if we don't have a second child, but I'm just enjoying Bug right now.

I'm hoping things will get better for me and Darling Hubby in the relationship department, too. Lately, like I said, I've just been feeling stressed out with keeping up appearances, so to speak, and how my day goes that I just feel burnt out at the end of the day. Fingers crossed that now that I'm getting back on my own schedule, I'll get better about being a snuggler.

As for the 2nd income, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I've been doing some writing for Associated Content, which my friend Annie over at Fried PorkChop told me about. They pay you for writing articles for them. So far I've been paid for 3 of the 4 articles I've written. Maybe now that I'll have a bit more computer time I'll be able to come up with some article topics, as well as blog topics.

And since so much has changed in my life I figured I'd make one more big change. I'm moving. Now don't start to worry, I'm not going to physically move from my house (I like it here), I'm moving my blog. I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to participate in the big bloggy move that my friend Megan was a part of, but when I checked out her new blog it made me think that a change could be good for me, too.

So, after some consideration, I'm moving to wordpress. After checking out their site I decided it would be easier to use then Blogger, although I have nothing against Blogger. I think I just need easier in my life.

Come check me out at my new digs - http://sarandipity9702.wordpress.com/ It's still a work in progress, so pardon the dust until I can get everything sorted out and cleaned up. Don't forget to update your blogroll, if I'm part of it, and your blog reader.

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Well, YAY for what will hopefully be less stress in your life. I can only imagine how different your days will be now.

YAY for a new bloggy home, too! I am updating my reader now.

(sending some baby dust your way, too. ;) )