Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What Have I Been Up To Lately?

So it's been a week since I last posted. Wow, I'm a slacker when it comes to blogging all of a sudden, but I have reasons, really, I do! Anyway, things have been good...things have been bad. The good is, my dad is doing well. No more heart episodes and I guess he's decided against the open heart surgery. Just keep those fingers crossed and prayers coming that nothing else happens that will make him need the surgery.

Another good thing is Darling Hubby and I finished the backyard. Woot! I don't remember if I said here or not, but we decided to tear out part of the driveway - there was a section just off the driveway, between the driveway and the lawn, really, where there was enough room for a picnic table, but since we didn't have or want a picnic table it really only served as a place for Bug's slide and he was always scraping his knees up on it when he fell down. Plus, it really cut down on the side of our yard...hardly any grass at all.

We also decided to take out an unused flower garden along the fence (we also installed bamboo privacy fence to hide ourselves from the and put in a patio. It looks great. Now if we can only get grass to grow where the driveway part was, we'll be in business. I think we'll be using it for the first time tomorrow when our game group gets together to roll up new characters for a new campaign and grill some burgers and dogs.

The bad news is that Saturday while we were working in the backyard I had my camera outside taking pictures of Bug who was being a very cute helper. I put my camera up on the roof of the car out of Bug's reach and away from the dust from the dirt we were moving. We went inside for lunch and I must not have grabbed my camera. I realized that it was missing Sunday morning when I went to upload the pictures of Bug helping so I could edit them to share. I searched all over and we came to the conclusion that either someone had the balls to walk up our driveway during the time we were inside for lunch and take my camera off the car or Darling Hubby didn't see it when we went to Home Depot for the first of many trips that weekend and it fell off the car. I hope it was the latter. If I can't have it, I'd rather it be smashed to smithereens in the street so no one could use it. Since we are going on vacation this weekend I wanted my camera and I was devastated (and Darling Hubby was pissed and thankfully wasn't yelling at me for being a stupid idiot cause he knew I felt bad enough already.) On top of losing the camera itself, I lost my 128Mb SD memory card and a set of 4 rechargeable batteries. Monday we ended up going all over in search of a replacement camera. Since I was already familiar with where all the buttons where on my old one, I knew I wanted the same type camera. I ended up getting the Canon Powershot S3 IS, which is the next step up from the one I had. I wanted the S5, but Darling Hubby put his foot down on that one since it was more expensive and I wasn't about to argue...he was letting me get a new camera. I ended up paying more for it in Target than I would have on Amazon, but I wanted to get it sooner rather than not have it for the weekend. I'm sure Darling Hubby is going to ask me a zillion time where it is so I can keep track of it.

Oh, and Darling Hubby said that since I was getting a new toy, he had to have one, too. He ended up getting a Nintendo DS (in black) with 2 games. He's already logged a good amount of time playing it (and I'll admit, I play it too during nap time when Darling Hubby's not home.)

Bug is really into it, too. He likes to play with the pictochat feature and try to help daddy when he's playing Puzzle Quest. I took these pictures while we were outside on the new patio, Monday afternoon. Bug is just such a cutie! Isn't he just the sweetest thing, too, leaning on Daddy like that?

Yesterday Darling Hubby decided to come with us to the park. I was going to take Bug on Sunday, but was in such a funk over my camera that I didn't want to go. So, now having a new camera I got to take lots of pictures of Bug doing all his favorite things (swing, slide, climb and teeter totter. Daddy is really excited because he's planning to install a tire swing in our backyard for Bug since we don't have room for a big swingset. We just have to get a tire (which will hopefully be tomorrow) and it's go. I'm sure Bug will be excited once he figures out what we are doing. Don't worry, I'll post pictures here. :D

So, all in all, things are going well. I'm happy that we got the patio and yard done. I'm mad at myself for losing my camera, but I'm happy that I got a new one. I'm looking forward to taking lots of pictures this weekend in Vermont. I hope it's a good anniversary. I'm glad I got to take some pictures of Bug having fun at the park. It always makes me happy when he's happy.

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Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear about the camera, Sara! But I'm glad you were able to get a new one before the weekend. Have a GREAT time away and a fabulous anniversary!!!