Friday, November 23, 2007

Food for Friday - 11/26-11/30 & 12/3-12/7

Ok, here's a late rendition of my food for Friday. I haven't had much time to post lately with Darling Hubby being off from work this week and all our traveling for the holiday. We still plan to shop tomorrow so here's my menu.

Monday - Craft night - Sadaf's turn to cook - dinner to be determined later
Tuesday - Cabbage rolls with ground beef and rice
Wednesday - Rotisserie Chicken Breast with potatoes and fresh carrots
Thursday - Game night - Dinner to be determined later
Friday - Homemade pizza

Monday - Craft night my turn to cook - Spaghetti
Tuesday - Oven-fried Chicken Fingers and Fries
Wednesday - Sloppy joes - Bernie style
Thursday - French Toast
Friday - Barber's Chicken Cordon Blue and fries

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