Friday, November 9, 2007

Food For Friday - November 12-16 & 19-23

Here's the menu I came up with for the next 2 weeks. Things are gonna be kind of hit or miss in terms of dinners at home with several get-togethers plans with friends for craft and game nights and the Thanksgiving holiday with family. Hopefully I can keep myself under my grocery shopping budget this month since I have a lot of the meat I need in the freezer downstairs. That way I can do a little Christmas shopping without feeling like I'm going to break the bank.

- (craft night, my turn to cook) Chicken Caesar Wraps
Tuesday - Beef Tacos
Wednesday - Teriyaki Chicken Salad
Thursday - Game Night - dinner to be determined later
Friday - Homemade Cordon Bleu, veggies and potatoes

Monday - Craft night - Dinner with Bernie and Rose
Tuesday - Hamburgers and fries
Wednesday - Pork Chops, rice and veggies
Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving! - Dinner with the families
Friday - Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce

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