Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Made in China

A few days ago I read a blog post from my friend Amanda about her Boycotting Chinese Made Products. I've checked out all the recalls and know that Bug doesn't own any of the contaminated toys. Amanda's post made me think about what toys currently in my home are Chinese made. I've come to the conclusion that practically everything I own has been made in China. Scary! If I decided to remove all the Chinese toys from Bug's collection he'd be a very sad (and toy-less) little boy.

Just a few of Bug's toys that are made in China:
1. Little People (we have a ton of these)
2. Peek-a-blocks and the Incrediblock (we have a ton of these, too)
3. Little Tikes Heavy Hauler trucks
4. Plastic Play food
5. Assorted Play Tools (we have a ton of these)
6. Vtech Musical Phone
7. Disney Store Winnie The Pooh
8. Hasbro Spider-man Figurines
9. Mr. Potato-head (we have several parts kits for this)
10. Ball Mania Inflatable Ball Pit
11. Weebles
12. Parents brand Bee Bop Band Drum set (this is a favorite toy)
13. Thomas the Tank Engine toys (we have several of these)

Toys I've noted that are NOT made in China:
1. Fisher Price sorting blocks (Mexico)
2. Toy airplane (Made in USA - Was given to me when I was 5)
3. Little Tikes desk (USA)
4. Matchbox car (Malaysia(

Honestly, I think it's terrible that we have to outsource so much of the production of items we buy just because we want lower prices. There are thousands of people right here in the US who would love to have a job to support their family and they would be doing a great service to children and adults everywhere, but because we want those cheap prices for shoddily made toys laced with lead and who else knows what, we go to other countries where their standards just don't meet ours. When are people going to wizen up and realize that we are only hurting ourselves?

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Corey~living and loving said...

I totally agree. It actually amazes me that it is cheaper to have them made in china and SHIPPED here, then to have it made here. ugh....