Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh, Yeah! There's Still More Assessment BS!!

It just doesn't end, does it? You would think that someone out there would have at least one intelligent bone in their body when working for the government...nope...just doesn't happen.

So in my prior Assessment post, I wrote about how the Assessment office didn't have our paperwork and they had to talk with Mike (who was on vacation) to see what was going on. They were supposed to call me this week. We'll it's Wednesday and I still haven't received a call, so, I picked up the phone and gave them a ring. Here's what I learned during this call.

They still didn't have my paperwork...I even spoke with Mike who came to my house. He said that at the next meeting (Aug 20th) to fix any mistakes made, he was going to present out property, and based on his discussion with Mr. McDonald, the Commissioner, was going to request a reduction from 164,000 to 150,000 since nothing was filed. I out right told him that was bull crap as I have a certified mail receipt stating the paperwork was accepted and obviously there was some sort of paperwork filed because there would have been no reason for them to even come look at the house. Also, I told him that 150,00 wasn't fair as the houses around us have all been lowed to around 125-130,000 and the houses are pretty close in design. As far as the paperwork goes, it turns out that some lame brain secretary who doesn't know how to read filed our paperwork under TAX instead of TWE for our last name. And, it was entered into the computer wrong, too. Luckily, Mike found it so we at least have that on our side. Fingers crossed that it doesn't get misplaced again. Grr!

I did bring up that we asked on the paperwork for 130,000 and that when Mike was at our house, he thought that was a fair value. So, he said he was going to discuss everything with Mr. McDonald again and see if he can get it lowered even more. So apparently, he has to look at the houses in the neighborhood again to see how our house is compared to them. Hopefully, he will see that it really is only worth about 130,000. If not, I know know what's going to happen... I don't know if we can afford the taxes and still make ends meet with all our other bills and needs... And the government wonders why they can't get people to move into the city. Everything is ass deep in BS.

God, I hate the government! Will this ever end?

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Corey~living and loving said...

oh goodness Sara! Will it ever end? I am just feeing so bad for all your hassel in this. I'll continue to hope that it all ends in your favor.