Monday, August 20, 2007

One More Thing!

So right after I posted about the possible final episode of our Assessment Saga Darling Hubby sent me a link to a list of the assessed values of the homes on our street. In perusing the list, I notice that of the single family homes ours is listed as the 2nd largest. Cool, we have a big house on the block. Then I look at the one that is listed at 2600 sq feet and notice it has 6 bedrooms and is only valued at $85,100...Ummm...That can't be right...Can it? Seriously? Are my eyes playing mean and nasty tricks on me. Nope. It's right. The state owned house right next door to us which houses mentally and physically challenged (just to be PC) is valued at just over half of our value. Shouldn't that lower our value. Obviously that house must not look as nice as our house. It's gotta be a piece of crap, right. Nope. It's a beautiful brick 2 story with a relatively well kept yard. So obviously, the state doesn't have to pay taxes to itself, that would be stupid, so they lower the value of the house. I just don't get it...

I guess the good thing is that our house is bigger than the couple right across the street (directly next to the annoying parking lot) and they are both assessed at the highest value. Granted the one has a manicured front yard with trees and flowers while the other is just a single story brick house. They kinda put our house to shame.

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Corey~living and loving said...

I can't believe that....oh my gosh....that is just evil of the state. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!11