Friday, December 14, 2007

Bug's First Snow Fun of 2007

We had our first big snow of the year recently and after much shoveling and snow blowing, Bug and I headed out for some fun. The weather was nice with blue skies and decently warm temps. Our goal was to create a masterpiece Snowman.

We bundled up in our warm clothes and headed out. As we were getting dressed, Bug said, "This is so exciting." The first thing Bug does is run right into the snow where he gets "stuck."

With some help out from mommy, we go about building our snowman. Well, I should say I built a snowman. Bug had much more fun wading through the knee-deep (to him anyway) snow than actually helping. He was keeping our dog Max highly entertained by throwing snow at him. Max loves that.

When I completed my snow boy, as he turned out to be only 3 feet tall, I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures of Bug with him. At first, he had to say ''hi snowman'' to him.

Then he tossed some snow at him. Then he gave him a hug.

Overall, it was a great day outside in the white goodness. Bug had a good time and slept very well for his nap. Coming inside was a fight, but I promised he could go back out tomorrow with daddy. More snow is coming Saturday night into Sunday so there will be many more days to play.

Oh, we read the book The Snow Family at nap time. If you've never read it, you should. It's one of my winter favorites. We may have to go out and build snow parents for our snow boy, or at least a snow dog he can romp with. Who knows What Snowmen Do at Night. Guess we'll know in the morning.

And one of my favorite quotes (and Bug’s too) from The Snow Family:

"... and a kiss on every carrot nose…just like that."

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Corey~living and loving said...

ooooooooooooooo what winter fun! Wish we had been there. :) Looks like so much fun.

oh and we love "what snowmen do at night." haven't read the other one. I'll have to look for it. :)