Monday, January 14, 2008

Feelin' Crafty

Yesterday was Monday and I was feelin' crafty.

It's been several weeks since I completed the quilt (I'll eventually take pictures) that I was working on with my friend Rose and now I'm moving on to bigger and badder things...well, not really bigger and it's actually much easier. I'm crocheting. Yep...that's what I'm doing. I recently broke out my crochet hooks and balls of yarn in the hopes of making a cool scarf and hat for myself...not that I need another scarf or hat, but hey. I rather do something constructive with my hands while I'm plopped on the couch practicing all manners of silence while Baby Girl naps in the next room. This is much better than noshing on potato chips and chocolate.

So the scarf and hat didn't pan out. I just wasn't happy with the pattern I had nor the color yarn I was using so I decided to attempt one of the few patterns I had and make Bug a sweater. I figured it would be fun to make as well as functional. Now the pattern I used was one from an I Taught Myself to Crochet book that I swear got all it's patterns from the 1970's. But I figured I could always modify it if I wasn't happy with it...So, after about 3-4 days of steadily working on it, here is the end result.

Showing off the kangaroo pocket.
And a bonus shot of him being goofy...
Bug loves it. He wants to wear it all the time, even before I had it totally finished. He has even started attempting to put it on himself. He had to wear it over his footie pajamas the other day...too cute.

Since I've been bitten by the craft bug and want to share the wealth of my craftiness (and since Darling Hubby has practically forbidden me to make another blanket), I've made a sweater for Baby Girl. It's pink with purple stripes and a pocket. I still have to put the buttons on the neckline (I didn't have the right needle last night) and it will be done. I think it looks very nice and I hope she likes it, too. I'm going to give it to her as a going away type present. She's going to be moving to an actual daycare after the first week of February when she turns 18 months.

Oh, and since Bug's first sweater was a little on the snug side (I made the middle size (2-3T)) I'm making him a slightly bigger one in blue and green (he picked the colors). Today he actually told me he wanted me to make him pants...I may have to come up with a way to make him some pants...we'll That would be totally crafty...crocheted pants!

I think once I'm done with all this crochet craftiness it will be back on to learning how to knit. Then I will make my scarf! Only, I probably won't need it by the time I get good enough to produce something


Keara @ Now I Know... said...

Oh I love the sweater! Wish I was so crafty! I really want to learn how to do that! Good job Mama!

Pioneering in PA said...

Can I seriously commission you to make one for BuckWheat? I mean, honestly make him one, no jokes. I would pay for supplies and your time. I absolutely love the one you made for Bug! Let me know!

Corey~living and loving said...

OMG darling sweater. What pattern did you use? I totally totally love it. great job.