Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Part Deux of the Christmas Update

When we arrived at my parents house it was late and I figured Bug would be wrapped around my leg like he gets when he gets "scared" or shy. I was really amazed when he went running right into my parents kitchen and right up to my mom to show her his new Hess Truck. That really melted my mom's heart. Anyway, like I'd said before, Bug refused to sleep in the playpen as we'd planned for him to do so it made for a LONG night of him sleeping between Darling Hubby and I in a full size bed...It doesn't help that I'm a spreader and sleep in the middle of the bed and that Bug likes to sprawl out, too. He's definitely my son in that regard. On top of it, he kept waking up and crying. I think the night light was too bright for him (he's used to it being dim in his bedroom) and he was in a strange room with all sorts of weird shadows everywhere...despite the fact that he was laying between Mommy and Daddy.

After a restless night, we woke up around 8 on Christmas Eve for some breakfast. My mom made pancakes, which Bug enjoyed very much. A little later we sat down in the living room to open presents. As a combination Christmas/Anniversary gift we got my parents a couple old movies on VHS (yes...although it is REALLY DIFFICULT to find movies on VHS, it can be done.) and a 2008 calendar that I made on Shutterfly with pictures of Bug throughout the year. We got money, a Flue Renew log for our fireplace, some craft type books and the best thing of all....a can of SPAM in a SPAM keeper. lol I had been talking with my mom a few days before Christmas that I hadn't had SPAM in a long time mainly because Darling Hubby isn't a huge fan and it would go bad if I left it in the fridge. So, mom gave me a SPAM keeper so my SPAM won't go bad.

Bug got a Thomas the Train toy that when you pull back on the car on the bed in the back it runs across the floor and the best toy...a bowling set. He's been asking for a bowling set for ever. He kept flipping through the K-Mart flyer pointing to all the bowling games. He even tries to set up wooden blocks and bowl them over with a beach ball...Now, he has an official bowling set.

We had a nice quiet lunch with my parents with a delicious ham and all the fixing. Bug ate his fill. So did the rest of us. We didn't want to get home too late so during the early afternoon we headed for home. And arrived around 6. We lugged all our loot inside and started making preparations for Santa's arrival before putting Bug to bed. When I checked the mail I found a package for Bug with lots of glitter on it. It was his Magic Key to let Santa in through the front door. Then we made sure we hung it outside the front door and left out cookies and homemade hot chocolate mix (with a note telling Santa the milk is in the fridge and to go ahead and use the microwave). We want Santa to warm up, not drink cold milk. We read The Night Before Christmas before snuggling Bug in his bed for the night.

By morning, Santa had come, left presents under the tree, a thank you note to Bug for the nice warm hot chocolate and a reminder to keep his Magic Key safe until next year. We started opening presents. Bug got a DC Super Friends Batman, Superman and Flash as well as the Batmobile. He also got a couple books, too. So far, the Super heroes have been a big hit. Darling Hubby got a Nalgene water bottle for his iced tea that he takes to work, Call to Arms 4 for the DS, and a collection of Sherlock Holmes movies on DVD. I got 2 books (You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister (read my review of it here) and Summer Pleasures by Nora Roberts) and a pair of warm fuzzy pajamas.

No one opens Christmas presents faster than the Flash!
Max supervising the opening of Superman
What is in this big box?Playing with all his new toys
After that we had brunch. Guess what Mommy cooked...yep, you guessed it. My SPAM. I love me some SPAM fried crispy (like my bacon) and served with a sunny side up egg and toast. I love to dip it in the runny yellow goodness. Mmm! Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how Christmas turned out overall. Despite the zoo at the beginning, it was nice to have a quiet Christmas on Christmas day with my own little family. I hope things work out as well for next Christmas.

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Pioneering in PA said...

Glad that your holiday season went well, mine was anything but quiet!

Off to read your book review, so I know if I can skip it lol.