Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm an ant rescuer!

As I sit here checking my email and perusing what other bloggers have recently posted, Bug is sitting at my feet peering under the desk. I assume that he's looking for a toy or ball that rolled under my feet and don't look down until he starts saying "bum, bum." Now, this could mean one of 3 things. One: He's found some gum (which is impossible cause I only have one package of gum in the house and it's in the kitchen...I saw it this morning). Two: He's seen a bug. Three: He's finally figured out where his tushie is. It's number 2. He's pointing under the desk continually saying "bum" until I try to see what it is that he sees. A tiny little black ant making his way humbly across my green carpet at my feet. I retrieve a magazine from the desk with the sole thought of squishing it into oblivion and yelling "ank!" (My tells me that when I was little and found an ant, I'd grab her shoe off her foot and smash the ant into the floor yelling "ank! ank!") Somehow, I found restaint and decided that squishing it in front of Bug may traumatize him for life. He is a boy, after all, and I'm sure he'll handle his fair share of bugs in a lifetime. So, instead of bashing the little ant's brains in...I used the magazine to scoop him up and Bug and I delivered him back to the great outdoors. I actually feel good about that decision. :D

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Corey said...

Way to go mom! :) I think it was a great decision too! :) You wouldn't want to kill the poor bum in front of mister Logan. :)