Sunday, May 13, 2007

My Mama's Day Weekend

My Mother's day weekend was filled with lots of hard work and sprinkled with love, appreciation, and a few temper tantrums (but that's to be expected with a 2 year old.)

On Saturday I got to sleep in a bit and then went to the hardware store for paint and the grocery store. After Bug went down for a nap, I painted my dining room...I'm so happy that I finally got it done. Darling Hubby hates to paint and I do most of the work myself. I like to paint, but I usually feel the effects of climbing up and down a step stool, sitting on the floor, rolling the roller back and forth and using the paint brush along the edges. My left wrist (the one that I'd hurt in the past) was so sore I couldn't even bear weight on it. At least I got 2 coats of paint on the walls and most of the edging done last night.

This morning (Mother's Day) was my turn to get up early. I should have switched with Darling Hubby, but oh well. I tried to get Bug to wish me a Happy Mother's day as I was getting him dressed, but all he would say was "Happy Feet." Close enough I guess. When Darling Hubby got up we got showered and went down to Washington Park to the Tulip Festival. It's a major deal here in town. They even crown a Tulip Queen. There were a ton of vendors selling all kinds of things from handmade jewelry to ceramic statues to paintings and photographs to votive holders made from old tin cans (very cool by the way.)

Here are some pictures of the tulips.

While we were looking at some of the tulips, Bug wanted to look at the Moses fountain in the center of the park.

Looking at the fountain with Daddy

Peering into the water

Trying his darnedest to get into the "wawa." He thought it was a bath.

We also got to see some of Albany's finest, the Fire Department. Bug got his very own fireman's helmet and saw a fire truck upclose.

Mommy and Bug

The painting on the side of the pumper truck

We also saw Mr. Twisty the balloon man. He made Bug a green doggy...the doggy later popped after being bitten.

We were at the park a long time as it was pretty painfully slow going with the hordes of people who arrived. Bug was pretty fussy around lunch time and we were trying to get him out of there, but it took us at least 45 mins to get through the crowded with a couple quick stops to pick up a few things.

When we came home, we had lunch, put Bug down for a nap and I finished the dining room, planted some flowers out front, weeded some and ate dinner that Darling Hubby cooked for me. It's been a long day and despite the few meltdowns, I know that I was appreciated and loved. I'm glad I'm a mom!

His smiles make it all worthwhile!


Corey said...

Looks like you had the bested time! I love love love all the pictures...and of course the new banner. AWESOME!

Lori said...

How fun! I love that he was saying Happy Feet!