Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

My friend, Lauren, tagged me! Here are 7 weird things about me!

1) I'm blanket obsessed. The fleecier and fuzzier the better. I have a zillion blankets (some bought and some handmade) and I can curl up under one any day of the year. I also have to have 2 comforters on the bed.

2) I actually like doing laundry. I even enjoy hanging it up outside on the clothesline.

3) I love to write and type. I'm probably the only person in history who types complete sentences on IM and checks my spelling...

4) I occasionally like to eat liverwurst sandwiches.

5) I have a large stuffed animal collection from when I was a kid. I've weeded it down some and mostly have my special animals and my Eeyores. I love Eeyore.

6) I have more fun playing with Bug's toys than he does.

7) I love watching kids shows on tv. I used to watch Smurfs all the time until they took it off Cartoon Network. :(

Now to tag people! Here are 7 random names!

Shannon, Colleen, Julie, Jessica, Meghan, Megan, Amanda

1 comment:

Corey said...

oh many of those are so me.....I actually think all of them are. I don't eat liverwaurst anymore...but as a kid I did! LOL