Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yes I like asparagus!

No, don't look at me that way. I really happen to like asparagus, despite the fact that it makes me pee smell funny. Darling Hubby thinks I'm crazy, but I enjoy it. Bug didn't much care for it and Darling Hubby ate it simply because he wanted Bug to see both us eating it. Darling Hubby doesn't like squash either...Guess I'm just weird. I couldn't pass up free asparagus from the parents of the girl I sit for. They had it coming out their ears...

So today I got a beautiful little yellow chrysanthemum for Mother's day from the little girl I babysit for. I'm going to have to plant it out in the yard so everyone can see it.

While we were reading one of Bug's favorite books at bedtime tonight, Tough Trucks, he pointed out the apple, banana, strawberry and carrot that are shown on the side of an 18 wheeler. I agreed with him about each thing and then he points to the word "way" in the text and says "w." It's so great that he's learning to recognize letters like that. Course I had to call Daddy up and show him. I guess letting him watch Sesame Street is paying off. He's also been trying to sing the ABC song. So far he only gets to "E" before trailing's a start. He's my smart little cookie.

So we are currently in the middle of our very first thunderstorm of the year. Bug is actually doing pretty well. He was a bit weirded out during our bedtime books, but I kept telling him it was just like someone outside with a flashlight and a drum and I think he bought it. He hasn't made a peep since I put him to bed. Fingers crossed he does well with storms.

Thunderstorms always make me happy. I love to watch the lightning streak across the sky. Granted, here in the city I don't see much streak lightning. I loved watching the storms roll in when I lived with my parents. I could watch the lightning streak down to the mountaintops and count the seconds between the flashes and the booms. When I was really little, I remember my parents telling me that the rain was because Grandma left a sink running in heaven and it overflowed and the thunder was God yelling at her cause he was mad. The lightning was because the water was shorting out the lights. Hey, I was like 8 and I bought it, hook, line, and sinker.

At least the temperature and humidity have dropped. I can sleep tonight!

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Corey said...

oooooooooo I love a good thunderstorm too! :) Hope Logan sleeps thru it!